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Furniture cat condos

Multifunctional cat furniture , making private space for your cat. Modern cat furniture that will blend in perfectly with your home. Big opening for fat cat, scratching mat inside to satisfied your cat\'s natural scratching and hunting instincts. Removable cover which ensure warm in winter and cool in summer. ​

  • 多场景宠物猫窝 既是小家具又是宠物窝,人宠和谐共用
  • 天然楠竹,打造静谧空间
  • 宽大开口设计,满足爱宠钻箱子的乐趣
  • 内置大面积猫抓板,释放磨爪本能
  • 移动盖板冬暖夏凉
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Interactive durable plush toy

Interactive durable plush toy

  • Our toy are designed with 100% ultra high molecular polyethylene compound fiber that is resistant to bite.
  • Strong tape which can make interactive paly with you and your pet.
  • Heavy canvas, superior handfeel, easy cleaning.
  • Delicate digital print
  • Inside each plush dog toy has squeaker to keep your pets entertained, satisfy your pet natural urge to chew.
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