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Remote control automatic feeder

1.荣获2018年红点奖设计 2.手机APP(涂鸦)操作(定时定量喂食,计划喂食,一键喂食) 3.录音喊食(20s录音功能) 4.5.5L大容量粮桶(2.5公斤粮食),储存更多粮食,不用每天加粮

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Reddot design award winner 2018.

Powred by tuya remote app ( timed and quantitative feeding, scheduled feeding, one-button feeding.

Recording as the calling dinner function (20S recording function).

5.5L large capacity  (2.5kg grain), store more grain, no need to add grain every day  .

CE,ROHS, FCC Certificated

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