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Here at Tianyuan, we focus on the design and production of pet supplies & domestic and global sales. Along with extensive research and development in our specialist industry. Products include pet litter pads, cat climbing frames, pet toys, pet clothing, electronic smart pet supplies, pet food and other multiple series and full categories of pet products

Since its establishment, Tianyuan Pet has been adhering to the business philosophy of quality-oriented, pragmatic and innovative, actively in line with international standards, and gradually promoted the construction of production standards and intellectual property systems, and created a good quality and professional corporate image in the industry. At the same time, the company focuses on the field and concentrates on doing things. On the basis of the main business operation of international trade, it has successively established domestic e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce and product research and development centers. Through continuous investment, it has built a system in terms of scale production and channel layout. In this way, we are committed to the construction of a platform-based ecosystem for the pet industry, promote the development of online and offline links, lead the development of the industry, and strive to become a provider of brand operation solutions for the pet industry.

“Construct an infinite space for industry and achieve a harmonious society for people and pets”

Tianyuan Pet has experienced more than 20 years of ups and downs, and has been tempered by international and domestic market competition. It has always adhered to the vision and mission of "becoming a world leader in the pet industry". It has established a large-scale and modernized development company with pet products as its main business and diversified development such as market development, product research, and marketing planning.

"Development in competition, marketization for survival, continuous innovation for growth"-Tianyuan Pets has always been centered on production and brand, with the spirit of diligence and innovation, scientific management as the guide, and insisting on taking market demand as the source and multiple The category development is the idea, we are in the same boat with employees and partners, combined with product innovation and capital management to become bigger and stronger, and realize the rapid development of the enterprise by leaps and bounds.

New opportunities are often accompanied by new challenges. After more than 20 years of hard work, all Tianyuan colleagues have become more mature. Facing the future, Tianyuan people will continue to do so, full of loyalty and responsibility to the market. We are grateful for the care, support and blessings of our partners and users, stride forward on a new journey, realize the leapfrog qualitative change of the enterprise with one heart and prosper, create unlimited value for customers, and create another glorious era for Tianyuan Pet!

Company Culture


Innovation, hard work, gratitude, and prosperity

Our Mission

Happy for both

With good quality

With good quality and willingness to grow, and continue to take action to create outstanding results and abundant returns

Action Plan

Self-duty, self-renewal, self-examination; Co-creation, concentric, co-joy

Enterprise Honor

Over 20 years of professional service to customers, has won numerous accolades from customers

2017 Tianyuan Smart Pet Feeding Machine China Red Star Award
2017 Tianyuan Smart Pet Feeding Machine China Red Star Award 2
2017 Smart Feeder Success Award-Product Category 1
2017 Smart Feeder Success Award-Product Category 2
2018 Red Dot Award for Smart Feeder
2020 Canton Fair CF Silver Award-Environmental Protection Function Doghouse Series
2020 Canton Fair CF Silver Award-Antibacterial Function Nest
19/5000 2021 Canton Fair CF Silver Award -DIY Cat Tunnel

In 2011, 90 sales system landing benchmark enterprises
2011 Outstanding Enterprise in China's Pet Industry
2013 National Level 3 Standardization Enterprise

2020 Supplier Evaluation Certificate TUV 20381199_P
2009 China Manufacturing Network Certified Supplier
Certified Supplier of Made-in-China.com in 2011
2011 Best Partner of Made-in-China.com
Certified Supplier of Made-in-China Network in 2013
2019 Ingenuity Excellence Award

Contract-abiding and trustworthy unit in 2012
2013 Safety Production Integrity Management Class A Enterprise
2014 county-level science and technology enterprises
2015 county-level enterprise research and development center
2016 County-level Innovative Enterprise
2015 High-tech Enterprise
2018 High-tech Enterprise
2014 Hangzhou Famous Brand Product (Tianyuan Brand)
2015 Hangzhou Famous Export Brand-Plaque
2015 Hangzhou Famous Export Brand-Certificate
2015 Hangzhou famous trademark TIANYUANPET
2015 Hangzhou Famous Trademark Certificate
2018 Hangzhou Advanced (Sample) Enterprise of Business Operation Investigation and Monitoring System
2013 Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise
2016 Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise
Outstanding Contributors to the Economic Development of Xingqiao Street in March 2020
2016 Yuhang Industrial Contribution Award Top Ten Foreign Trade Export Enterprises
2016 Statistical Basic Standardization Enterprise
Integrity and law-abiding enterprise in Yuhang District in February 2019
February 2020 Yuhang District Open Economy High-quality Development Award
February 2020 Yuhang District Open Economy High-quality Development Award 2
Large taxpayer in 2014
2015 Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 1
2015 Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs 2
2020 Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs

Business Major Evil


Constantly strive to become stronger 


The company's shareholding reform was realized and the NEEQ was listed; the "Japan Pet Alliance Co., Ltd." was established to lay out the Japanese and Korean markets


Great success, best in the industry


Enhance,Stable field status


Expansion development


The initial period of founding


Innovation, hard work, gratitude, same